Current Projects

Hawkstone Folly

A lot has happened since the start of 2019 and for much of it we have to thank Newport Town Councillors and residents for their generosity.

The impressive raised bed at Hawkstone Avenue has been built at cost by Rosemont Building Contractors and filled with topsoil from Newport Fencing and Landscaping. We are now anticipating the arrival of rocks and plants which will be funded by Cllr Tim Nelson. In preparation for the resurfacing of the footpaths at Hawkstone Avenue, funded by Cllr Peter Scott, the flower bed edges have been given a smart, functional finish by a resident of Stretton Avenue.

The rocks have arrived and Newport‘s very own Time Capsule has been buried

Hawkstone Folly is on it’s way….!

Wrekin Avenue Play Area

Three year project undertaken by Newport in Bloom volunteer group, Blooming Buddies.

TWS are responsible for mowing the grass and pruning shrubs in Wrekin Avenue Play Area but by 2016 everything in the borders was disappearing underneath ivy and shrubs were being invaded by sycamore seedlings.  The whole area was becoming depressing to walk through, so
Newport in Bloom’s ‘Blooming Buddies’ contacted TWS and undertook to restore the borders and island beds.

Much to the delight of local residents the first thing we did was to tear down the ivy, revealing ironwork panels which had been hidden for years.

Concerned that where the footpaths met had become a blind spot, we asked TWS to reduce the shrubs in size. They decided to remove the shrubs completely and seed the area with grass. This has been one of the most commented on improvements as people can now see who is approaching from the other direction.

One corner bed had the remains of dead shrubs which were removed by TWS and the area dug over by volunteers. This is when we became aware that we have a Phantom Planter as no sooner was the bed ready than it was planted.  We are very grateful to this local resident who remains determined to fill every area as soon as we clear it of weeds.

Following a very generous donation of 150 short garden sleepers we were able to edge 50% of the borders around the site.  This not only improves the appearance but also greatly reduces maintenance time.  We would love to be able to edge the remaining borders.

The area we cleared under the large sycamore tree needed plants for full sun, semi shade and full shade and these have all come from volunteers’ gardens or Cheney Bank Border.

With the restoration now well under way we appealed for local residents to help with the maintenance during the summer months. We have formed a small but enthusiastic group called Friends of Wrekin Avenue who meet to weed on Thursday evening from 7.00pm to 8.30pm. Maybe you would like to join us?

We meet on the first Monday in the month at 10.00am and rotate round our three main sites, Wrekin Avenue, Hawkstone Avenue and the Hellebore Bed by the canal opposite Cosy Hall.

Barbara Deason Blooming Buddies volunteer group, Newport in Bloom.