Blooming Blogs

Sensory/Herb Garden

The Sensory/Herb garden is really starting to take shape now! Thank you to everyone who came and helped last weekend!

THANK YOU to Bloomsbury Nursery for our lovely baskets!

  WOW……. The baskets are looking fantastic Sarah! Only a few weeks until we’ll be putting them up! Thank you to Bloomsbury Nursery for all your hard work!

Station Road Update……..


The new planter on Station Road is looking lovely Carol & co!

The Orchard

   First pruning of 2019…….. Keep up the good work guys!

Station Road Planter (Update)

The planter situated near to the Hutchison’s Way entrance in Newport South has needed replacing as the original planter had rotted.

TAFS have traditionally been extremely supportive in sponsoring this planter and we were very grateful to James from TAFS Garden Supplies who gave us all the materials at cost of £330 including free delivery.

Thanks to the generosity of ‘The Stationers’ all the monies needed were donated by our fabulous residents.

Stuart and our wonderful new volunteer Ray undertook to remove all the wood and dispose of it.

It left a large compacted triangular amount of soil etc to be removed, it looked like a large piece of brown cheese!

Removing this was not easy and Ray had to use a pick axe in order to get through the compacted roots and plants. Ray continued to remove all the soil and debris and dispose of it.

Carol and Leo removed any remaining old plants and roots.

Nigel has designed a very sturdy new planter to be made in ‘sleepers’ reminding us of the site’s historical background as the old railway line.

Tim and Joe set about making up the planter, racing against time as there was to be an imminent new arrival in Joe’s family…… on the promise of a bacon roll, it was soon made.

Some of the original compost had been kept to put into the base and Carol was delighted when Mike (an ex pupil) Knocked on the door to say he was going to put some top soil in as his contribution to In Bloom! Gold star for you!

Adrian Corney from Telford and Wrekin’s Environmental Maintenance will suggest some planting ideas, he designed (in his own time) the planting scheme for the Memorial which has matured beautifully.

Watch this space……

The Memorial – Station Road

 The memorial is looking lovely! The “Station Roaders” are doing  a fantastic job!

Blooming Buddies Winter 2018

  A lot of our work at Wrekin Avenue over the last 3 years has been done in
order to make people feel safe when they walk through the site. Overgrown
shrubs and blocked sight lines needed to be remedied and the photographs
show the final 2 overgrown areas cleared during the winter of 2018. The Ford
Road corner has being planted with shade tolerant plants donated by
volunteers and our Phantom Planter from Ford Road.  The School Field corner
has been planted with prickly shrubs and Beebombs from NIB.

With good gardening weather almost up to Christmas we were able to prepare
each of our main sites for winter. Weeding and clearing leaves kept us busy
at both Wrekin Avenue and The Town Lock and the borders at Hawkstone Avenue
all had a final weed in preparation for the welcome sight of bulbs in 2019.

Blooming Buddies dates for Spring 2019:
Monday 4th February 10.00am to 11.30am
Monday 4th March.
Monday 1st April.
For further details contact Barbara on 01952 810134

Newport in Bloom’s Christmas Fayre!

Thank you to everyone who came and supported our Christmas Fayre on Saturday 8th December, (in particular those of you who manned stalls, served refreshments, baked cakes and helped to set up & clear away)! Santa and his amazing elves deserve a special mention too (as do our demonstrators)!

The final figure may vary a little, but we have raised in the region of ₤558- an excellent result!

Blooming Buddies Update Summer 2018


Looking back over June to September 2018……………

This summer has been a real challenge for all gardeners and we are very grateful for the help we have received from our “Wrekin Waterers”. These local residents put their hoses over garden walls or filled watering cans, bottles and in one case a wheelie bin to help keep our newly planted shrubs
Their efforts paid off and despite the prolonged dry spell everything survived and the plants have all flourished. The photographs show just a few of the many changes we have made since coming together as a group of Newport
in Bloom volunteers in 2015

We have 3 more mornings planned to put everywhere to bed for the winter:

  • Monday 1st October 10.00am at Wrekin Avenue Play Area
  • Monday 5th November 10.00am at Hawkstone Avenue
  • Monday 3rd December 10.00am at the lavender bed by the canal in Water Lane.

If you would like to join us you will be made most welcome. Please contact Barbara on 01952 810134 for more details

The Results are in ………..


We did it folks…..we went for GOLD and we got it! Nationals 2019 here we come!