Blooming Buddies

BLOOMING BUDDIES is a group of Newport in Bloom Volunteers who are free to take on projects during the week when other volunteers are at work.  We meet on the first Monday in the month to maintain each of our three main areas in turn:

  • The Lavender and Hellebore Bed by the canal,
  • The grassed walk through from Stretton Avenue to Hawkstone Avenue
  • Wrekin Avenue Play Area (the largest area of all)

In January 2016, fired up by our success in restoring the walk through at Hawkstone Avenue, Blooming Buddies took on the much longer task of restoring Wrekin Avenue Play Area.

In the case of Hawkstone and Wrekin Avenues, T&W remain responsible for cutting the grass and pruning the shrubs.  As volunteers we aim to further enhance the areas for the enjoyment of all residents of Newport.

Summer 2017

With the restoration now well under way we appealed for local residents to help with maintenance during the summer months.  We formed a small but enthusiastic group called Friends of Wrekin Avenue, who meet for an hour on Thursday evenings at 7.00pm.

Spring 2018/Summer 2018

We have already made plans to continue restoring the remaining neglected areas at Wrekin Avenue Play Area.  Maybe you would like to come and help us?


Blooming Buddies