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Hawkstone Folly

A lot has happened since the start of 2019 and for much of it we have to thank Newport Town Councillors and residents for their generosity.

The impressive raised bed at Hawkstone Avenue has been built at cost by Rosemont Building Contractors and filled with topsoil from Newport Fencing and Landscaping. We are now anticipating the arrival of rocks and plants which will be funded by Cllr Tim Nelson. In preparation for the resurfacing of the footpaths at Hawkstone Avenue, funded by Cllr Peter Scott, the flower bed edges have been given a smart, functional finish by a resident of Stretton Avenue.

The rocks have arrived and Newport‘s very own Time Capsule has been buried

Newport In Bloom

Hawkstone Folly is on it’s way….!

Newport In Bloom

Junior Bloomers get involved!

A number of our “Junior Bloomers” we’re having a great time at their allotment at the weekend!

After a few days of sunny weather (and just before the snow hit), we got fired up to start our Junior Bloomers off in the new allotment on Meadow View Road.

We received a donation of interesting and colourful seed potatoes that we gave to some of our Junior Bloomers in preparation for spring planting.

We hope to plant these in potato sacks and/or tubs/tyres on the allotment during the Easter school holidays, with a view to introducing all of us to different types of potato and awarding a “Potato Prize” to the growers of the biggest and the strangest looking potatoes later in the year.

Newport In Bloom

Our Junior Bloomer’s Allotment is Taking Shape Nicely!

A huge “Thank You” needs to go to Tracey from Newport allotment society for organising the bird feeders and stand, which have been donated by Wyevale and Mere Park. Spring is nearly with us and the newly planted bulbs have started to appear. Even more surprising snowdrops have risen their tiny blooms.

Newport In Bloom