Woodland Strip at Wrekin Avenue.

Since NIB volunteers started work at Wrekin Avenue Play Area in 2016, we have seen the Woodland Strip at the back of Ford Road cul-de-sac becoming more and more overgrown with brambles so strong that they are bringing down tree branches, Birds nest and feed. For this reason we wanted to act before this Woodland area became lost to them. Working together with T&W, we have spent time this January clearing away the brambles and nettles from the centre front, leaving ivy at both ends for wildlife. No trees have been removed, only dead branches together with some trimming at the front by T&W to facilitate mowing.

Gaps left by removing the overgrown brambles will be planted with wildlife friendly shrubs and the grass will re-grow across the front restoring the Woodland Area to its former size.

This has been ideal work to do in cold weather and we are grateful to all the residents of Ford Road and Leigh Road who have let us fill their Green Bins.

The finished result should show by the summer when the trees are green again and the shrubs starting to grow.