Sheep Island Update …….

Sheep Island Update …….

As everyone is aware, we were going to tidy up the Sheep Island as the yellow rattle had not survived the hot summer of 2018 and this year was totally overgrown.

The Island and it’s planting has always been ahead of it’s time but now it is bang on trend. More public awareness and the highlighting and understanding of wild flower meadows on Countryfile and Gardener’s World will make it more popular with Newport locals!!

The aim was always to have the sheep grazing in a wild flower meadow but it is one of the hardest things to achieve. The yellow rattle ( like a dead nettle) is a parasitic plant which feds on grass roots enabling the wild flowers to multiply and not be suffocated by aggressive grasses.

The island has undergone two cut and collects but because of the rain, the grass has continued to grow very aggressively. Adrian, Stuart, Ray and other volunteers hand raked the thatch from the grass, a very hard job. We were unable to sow the yellow rattle seed and so last Sunday Roy who works for the Town Council hand mowed the Island and collected up the grass. It had stripes!!