Station Road Planter (Update)

Station Road Planter (Update)

The planter situated near to the Hutchison’s Way entrance in Newport South has needed replacing as the original planter had rotted.

TAFS have traditionally been extremely supportive in sponsoring this planter and we were very grateful to James from TAFS Garden Supplies who gave us all the materials at cost of £330 including free delivery.

Thanks to the generosity of ‘The Stationers’ all the monies needed were donated by our fabulous residents.

Stuart and our wonderful new volunteer Ray undertook to remove all the wood and dispose of it.

It left a large compacted triangular amount of soil etc to be removed, it looked like a large piece of brown cheese!

Removing this was not easy and Ray had to use a pick axe in order to get through the compacted roots and plants. Ray continued to remove all the soil and debris and dispose of it.

Carol and Leo removed any remaining old plants and roots.

Nigel has designed a very sturdy new planter to be made in ‘sleepers’ reminding us of the site’s historical background as the old railway line.

Tim and Joe set about making up the planter, racing against time as there was to be an imminent new arrival in Joe’s family…… on the promise of a bacon roll, it was soon made.

Some of the original compost had been kept to put into the base and Carol was delighted when Mike (an ex pupil) Knocked on the door to say he was going to put some top soil in as his contribution to In Bloom! Gold star for you!

Adrian Corney from Telford and Wrekin’s Environmental Maintenance will suggest some planting ideas, he designed (in his own time) the planting scheme for the Memorial which has matured beautifully.

Watch this space……