Boughey Road

Boughey Road

Boughey corner was one of those small areas in the town that people walked past without paying it any attention.  Following the housing development on Wellington Road, it became a potential resting place on the way into town for many new pedestrians.

It had become quite overgrown and was a dumping ground for litter but after some hard work it became an area of beauty for people to sit and relax.

We cleared the rubbish, chopped away at hedges and pulled up weeds.

We then planted a holly bush, large dahlia pompon mix bulbs and scattered Californian poppy jelly beans seeds, as well as planting 3 Chinese lanterns, perennials and several climbing nasturtiums.

This little garden has a lovely bench with litter bin and is situated just opposite one of the largest G.P. practices in Newport.

In just a few weeks we created a beautiful spot for people to sit and relax and enjoy the flowers.