Hutchison’s Way Entrance Station Road

Hutchison’s Way Entrance Station Road

Clear the area of scrub, invasive weeds and removed unwanted saplings.

Scrub Clearing

Hutchison Way- Scrub Clearing


Plant native primroses along the hedge as they were in the time of the railway together with specimen trees, flowering crab apple, rowan, flowering cherries and guilder roses to attract wildlife together with 30,000 crocus, narcissi, camassia and grape hyacinths

HUtchison Way- Planting

In Bloom!

Some of the results of our labours

Hutchison Way- In Bloom!

Pyramidal Orchids

A rare Orchid in parts of Europe. This plant was declared “Orchid of the Year” in 1990 to heighten awareness of the plant.

As a result of the actions we have taken we have seen the return of the pyramidal orchid to the area.


Replace old chain link fence with post and rail fence provided by local sponsor TAFS.

Hutchison Way- Fencing

Fundraising & Sponsorship

New large sponsored planter located near Station Road entrance.  BBQ for local residents which raised over £500.  This money was used to purchase an old Shropshire rose – Wild Edric from local growers David Austin Roses.  These have been planted at the entrance in front of the fence.

Fundraising & Sponsorship

Improvements through Partnerships

Working alongside Telford and Wrekin Council to improve the footpath to enable disable people to have access to the footpath as well as a new “kissing” gate at the entrance and a wooden bridge over the stream to the left of the footpath.  We also worked with Shropshire Wildlife Trust to provide new signage showing the route of Hutchisons Way and the wildlife likely to be seen which is invaluable in teaching our young people about conservation and their surroundings.

Hutchisons way- Improvements through Partnerships

Re-Opening May 2008

Hutchison’s Way was re-opened in 2008 by Mrs. Hutchison who lead a group of over 150 volunteers, school children and local residents along the improved footpath to Lilleshall.  The newly improved footpath provides a safe route for local school children to traverse the area.  In addition the footpath and surrounding green belt is popular with local residents, the local scout and guide groups and provides a haven for a wealth of wildlife.

Hutchison’s way-Re-Opening May 2008


Hutchison’s way- Future plans