The Fish Sculpture

The Fish Sculpture

We were disappointed when we had to lose our Mediterranean Bed to a new housing development but in fact, this has presented us with an exciting opportunity for a new statement bed at the Stafford Road entrance to the town..






The Mediterranean Bed had to be sacrificed to allow access to the building site and the subsequent re-design of the road. Originally the Mediterranean Bed should have been re-instated but the space left for it was insufficient to allow for a statement bed at a major entrance to the town, so we had to re-think.

It was felt that this was a great opportunity to create a gateway sculpture, loosely linked to the historic three fish on Newport’s coat of arms.
We said “Goodbye” to the Mediterranean Bed and moved the smaller Jubilee Bed across the road to where it used to be, leaving a large area of grass verge on the opposite side of the road free for a new feature. Volunteers then built a prototype and chose the exact location for our 3 fish, which needed to be visible from all 3 approaches. Our two experts measured carefully & drew up a site location plan for our Planning Application.






The planning application was submitted back in 2016. With all requirements being fulfilled we are delighted that in June 2018 the three fish were finally installed. The completed sculpture shows three magnificent fish swimming in a bed of blue & white, giving the impression of water. We have already had so many positve comments about them, we hope that they will become as iconic as the Sheep on the Station Road Roundabout.