Hawkstone Avenue

Hawkstone Avenue

The project started in 2015 and was instigated by volunteer and local resident Cath Demet.
Clearing the old shrubbery was a big job that took a great team effort and we were grateful to our male volunteers for their work here.
It involved the clearing of the undergrowth, digging circles for tree planting, relocating a wooden bench and appropriate planting.

Trees planted:
3 x Malus John Downie – crab apple
3 x Shropshire Damson
1 x Crataegus Galli “Cockspur Hawthorn”

Around the trees we planted a selection of spring bulbs including muscari (grape hyacinths).

In the main bed area (partially shown above):
Hydrangeas – arborescens “Annabelle”
Lavender – Imperial Gem
Veronica – Spode Blue
Small variegated shrup “Pittisporum tenufolium variegatum”

This desolate looking area of wall by the bin was planted with:
3 x Wild Edric roses
Tulips and daffodils for the spring

We also planted London pride along the path towards Stretton Avenue

The park’s  attractive wooden bench had been situated in the centre of the area, at the end of a path which was effectively a cul de sac.  Cath had noticed that the bench was not being used, probably because it’s location was a destination rather than a thoroughfare.  It also had it’s back to the sun.

With the help of Telford & Wrekin, the bench was re-located to the main path, facing the sun, and replaced with a planter to discourage ball games – which are not permitted in the park.

Lavender plants were planted to the left of the bench and the grass area to the right of the bench was seeded by the Council.

Cath: “One of the joys has been seeing the bench being used by the elderly as a resting place on their journey to or from town.  This will be even better for them when the lavender comes into flower and the scent wafts around the bench.”

“It has been nice to hear local people commenting on how they are appreciating seeing the area being taken care of and looking so much better.”

Having reclaimed the beds from the undergrowth, the main problem now is the growth of weeds which are threatening to completely engulf all of the planting in the main bed. Hopefully with repeated weeding sessions we will get them under control.

Graham and Cath – without whom none of this would have happened!

Hawkstone Avenue