The Sheep Island on Station Road

The Sheep Island on Station Road

The Sheep Island is now more than ten years old and has become a local landmark. The sheep sculpted by Christy Bowdler from South Shropshire have fared well although need a rust proof paint every couple of years.

The original idea was to have the sheep standing on cobbles in an old pen, rescued from the old cattle market in the midst of a wild flower meadow.  On the whole this has worked well.

The spring cowslips and primroses on the bank are beautiful in April, from May onwards the meadow flowers spring into action and by June are at their best. From then on the whole island changes as the flowers mature and drop their seeds.

A team of volunteers monitor the island. This involves decisions on management such as controlling invasive flowers, dandelions and sorrel, trying to keep the grass growth down by spreading yellow rattle seeds that feed on grass roots.

The first cut and collect can happen as soon as July depending on good warmer conditions. The meadow is cut and raked to spread the flower seeds and a second flush of flowers will often take place.

If anyone would like learn about flower meadows and the management of the Sheep Island, please join us.