The Boughey Memorial on Station Road

The Boughey Memorial on Station Road

The Memorial (as it is known locally) on Station Road is the place where an obelisk commemorating the death of Sir Thomas Boughey stands, having been moved from the centre of Newport many years ago.

The Memorial was improved by residents in 2004 as part of a Newport in Bloom initiative.  Fund raising at this time was £900 and this was used to buy stone and wooden planters and other associated items.  Since then the area has been planted, maintained and watered by residents.

In 2016, this area was once again reviewed.  Sadly, it had become very unsightly with an overgrown evergreen, uneven slabs and a frequently vandalised telephone box being the main problems.

Although, the phone box was seldom used, many people still used the bench when walking to and from town, especially the older residents. Newport in Bloom had also been approached by several local residents wishing to use this area as a place of memorial for their loved ones.

The Station Road residents decided that the removal of the much neglected phone box and large evergreen tree would be an improvement and that the whole site should be re-landscaped. Work commenced as a joint project with Newport in Bloom volunteers and Telford & Wrekin Council’s Environmental Maintenance team.

Station Road volunteers raised sponsorships and obtained a grant from the Community Volunteer Officer of £4000 to cover the cost of relaying slabs and the replacing the tarmac.  Resident Nigel Beal designed a 3- tiered railway sleeper planter which was constructed by volunteers, who also removed tree roots and replaced top soil ready for planting.

Our volunteers have now planted an interesting perennial planting of a tree, shrubs and roses. This area is transformed and is a pleasant place for the community to rest on their way into town.

This is another successful joint project of the Newport in Bloom team working together with the Town Council and the local authority.

The Boughey Memorial on Station Road